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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Internet Solution For Boaters while in The Bahamas

Planning a boating trip to The Bahamas? Avoid expensive roaming fees with our PocketWiFi rental solution. You will enjoy high-speed connection everywhere!

Internet access during your boating trip

Stay connected anywhere in the archipelago. Our devices offer coverage from Bimini to Inagua, on all inhabited cays, and anywhere in proximity to a local cell tower. We offer packages to suit extended stays and large group needs. We offer expedited shipping, can ship to marinas, and make it easy for you to return a device after a long trip. Please see our coverage map, and feel free to contact us if you have special needs. 

The Dilemma

When you travel to The Bahamas, you need consistent, reliable internet access:


  • You turn off the mobile internet connection on your smartphone to avoid expensive roaming fees

  • The "international" package offered by most carriers only provides 2G or 3G spotty service when you travel 

  • Most resorts offer internet access at $20 per day

  • You pay to connect each device at a resort 

  • Marina WiFi is unreliable 

  • Unsecured free WiFi could pose a threat to your personal information or emails

  • You have to be at your hotel or vacation rental to access your email

Our Solution

  • Our PocketWiFi offers you an unlimited, high-speed internet connection everywhere in the Bahamas. See our coverage map. 

  • Enjoy the same 4G and 5G speeds you do in North America and Europe  

  • Connect up to five (5) devices at one time

  • Select a package that gives you just enough data to email or light browsing, or enough data for the whole family 

  • Fully compatible with all Apple or Android WiFi enabled devices - computers, phones, tablets and with all your company’s tools (VPN, Mail services)

  • Short-term to long-term rental [From (1) one day to (1) one year] - Delivery and return wherever you want in The U.S.

  • Save up to 95% on exorbitant roaming fees - NO hidden fees or charges 

Book your PocketWiFi today!  

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