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Goodbye, data roaming.
Hello, PocketWiFi Bahamas

Fast 4G LTE Internet.

Connect Up To Five Devices!

$14.99/Per Day

What is PocketWiFi Bahamas?

PocketWiFi is a service that provides a mobile internet solution for visitors, be it business or vacation in The Bahamas. With a device that fits in the palm of your hand, you can explore island to island with constant connectivity. Our devices are configured to work on a local network in The Bahamas, so the service is guaranteed to work as well as your cell phone would in the US or anywhere else.

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For Travelers

Yacht Deck

For Boaters 

MyFi Devices

Our hotspots allow connectivity to up to five devices at once and are compatible with any and all devices, whether it be a laptop, tablet, or cellular device.

$11.99/Per Day

Money Back guarantee

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How Does It Work



  • Place your order online, or give us a call or shoot us a messages

  • START DATE is the first day of service

  • END DATE is the final day of service



  • You will receive your pre-configured device at least three (3) days prior to your departure.


Power on, connect and enjoy

  • Power on your device, connect to device using information provided and enjoy!



  • You will receive a prepaid return label on the last day of your booking

  • Use the prepaid label to return the device when you return to the US

Book your PocketWiFi today!  

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Stay connected while on your boating trip in The Bahamas

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